Personalised skincare AI app
We provide custom skincare recommendations based on genotypic, clinical, and demographic characteristics.
How it works
Identify your skin goals
With the help of AI we recognise and analyse the signs of skin problems and present the most effective personalised solutions.
By collecting personal preferences, we improve our understanding of your needs, which allows us to deliver a more tailored experience.
Facial recognition
Our technology detects numerous aging signs to provide users with personalised skin aging matrix, their skin strengths and priorities to act on.
Clinical data
We provide custom skincare product recommendations based on genotypic, clinical, and demographic characteristics
Skin Care on Schedule

Our interactive lifelong beauty tips educate and help to maintain a healthy good-looking skin.

Browse and complete gamified daily tasks that are personalised to your skin type, skincare goals and lifestyle.

That's right – we are using cutting-edge AI and connected Health data to be one-step ahead when it comes to your beauty.

Virtual Assistant
Our virtual assistant is there for you whenever you need it – 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

It helps to find the perfect product for your skin needs based on factors such as geolocation, characteristics and other analytics.

Learn more about products and treatments, read unbiased reviews and get personalised recommendations for skincare and wellbeing.

We all know that skincare can be overwhelming and impersonal. Most people are confused by misleading information, some struggle to know which products are best for their age and skin type.

At Lonvivo we believe that AI technology has the ability to select custom cosmetics and skincare products to address each individual's unique needs— delivering better results in shorter period of time.
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